Deb Hodges - Bio

Debra Hodges is a native Texan and attended Texas Tech University, where she earned her degree in English Education. Later, she completed her Master of Education at Iowa State University. She has 25 years of experience in educating a widely diverse student population. Debra’s unique approach to connecting with both students and their families has earned her widespread respect from administrators, parents, and students alike.


Outside of her professional life, she is a dedicated family person who finds joy in travel, fine dining, French Bulldogs, and scuba diving. During her leisure time, you might discover her either at the gym for a workout or immersed in her Kindle, indulging her passion for reading.


In her current role as the Chief Executive Officer of Operation360, Debra Hodges is committed to a mission that aims to bridge the gaps in services for those in need. Her central focus revolves around the creation of a comprehensive system that connects victims, their families, and friends with essential resources. Debra’s vision is to foster an environment of collaboration between schools, communities, social service agencies, law enforcement, and mental health and rehabilitation centers, all of which will be instrumental in achieving Operation360’s overarching mission.

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