Justin Robbins - Bio

   I am a 20+ year veteran of the Georgetown Police Department, assigned to the DEA for the past seven years working complex conspiracy cases. I am retiring soon and have learned through many years of law enforcement that our current opioid crisis cannot be won through arrests alone. Understanding that, I have teamed up with similar experienced colleagues who are highly motivated to make a difference nationwide.

 Business owner: Synergistic Strategies- A data driven company that focuses on making organizations better through identifying strengths and weaknesses, employing health and wellness, and providing customized seminars.

TJR Real Estate Holdings- A property development company. 

BTX Coffee – The best coffee in the world!

Most importantly and personally, I am a guy that has been married for 26 years and has two medically dependent kids. I am also a medical anomaly but that is not important to the goals we are trying to accomplish. I help run a local entrepreneurs group called Leander Leaders. This group is philanthropic at heart and does a great job helping the community. I have a heart for people and want to work other likeminded people/businesses that feel the same.


The above-mentioned experiences have placed me in a position fortunate enough to fill the role of Chief Operating Officer. OPERATION 360 is a unique clearing house for all areas pertaining to opioids, specifically fentanyl. These areas include the following:

Rehab Assistance, Mental Health Assistance, School Curriculum Regarding Fentanyl, Adult Curriculum Regarding Fentanyl, Public Community Outreach/Speaking Events, Counseling for Victims and Families, Drug Court Liaison, Narcan Distribution. 

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